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User: petulantpoetess (posted by meladara)
Date: 2013-06-25 11:00
Subject: PSB Fic Challenge: Prompts!
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PSB Prompt Post 1

Petulant Snape Boy Fic Challenge Prompts

1. The house-elves are up to something. What is it and what does it have to do with PSB?

2. Pulling at his neck ruffle, he looked down at the ridiculous outfit. He couldn't believe that his barking mad mum had dressed him like a dandy from the nineteenth century, again! Walking out into the garden, he scowled at the other party goers. Dunderheads, all of them, he thought. In fact, perhaps it was time for him to have a bit of fun and show them just what happens when you make a fool of PSB.

3. What's the story with PSB and the dog? A wizard and his familiar? A small boy and his best friend? Or something else entirely?

4. Something unexpected happens during PSB’s summer holidays.

5. PSB goes back in time to right a few wrongs about Severus Snape.

6. Wild Card Prompt! Do you have a plot bunny for PSB that is simply too good to miss? Then this is the prompt for you. The sky’s the limit, so long as PSB is at the center of your adventure!

Please be sure to read the Petulant Snape Boy Fic Challenge Rules and Submission Guidelines.
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